Acupuncture for Oedema

Natural fluid retention treatment

Acupuncture aims to treat the cause of the oedema (edema), not just the symptom of fluid retention. The type and method of treatment will depend on where the oedema is thought to originate - lung, spleen, or kidney.

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Causes of fluid retention or oedema

Oedema or fluid retention can occur in the body due to:

  • stagnation - standing or sitting for long periods
  • hot conditions - hot weather or other high heat environments such as a sauna
  • pregnancy - extra fluid is often retained during pregnancy
  • menstrual cycle due - women's bodies sometimes retain fluid prior to their menstrual period
  • diet - excess salt or deficiencies in vitamins or minerals
  • drugs - some medications for certain conditions can cause oedema
  • ill health - diseases of the heart, kidney or lungs, thyroid problems, arthritis, lymph issues

Acupuncture for fluid retention

Acupuncture can assist with the reduction of fluid retention by encouraging blood flow and the movement of fluid through the body. This further helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling of limbs.

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Brisbane Acupuncture team

  • Greg Bantick

    Chinese Medicine,Acupuncture

    B.Ac (Aust), Dip.Ac (China), M.T.O.M (U.S.A).


    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
    Greg Bantick has been in practice since 1975 in a wide variety of clinical settings. He has particular interests in dermatology, digestive, mood and auto-immune disorders.

  • Tina White


    Dip. Naturopathy, Dip. Acupuncture, Dip Medical Herbalism, Dip. Holistic Massage


    Tina has over 30 year’s clinical practice in natural therapies. As a practitioner in naturopathy and acupuncture, Tina has remarkable insight coupled with a caring nature and is a beacon of hope for those she cares for.

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