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Health and Healing Wellness Centre offer a variety of treatments for all of your holistic healthcare needs within our north Brisbane wellness clinic. The mission of our natural health clinic is to enhance your quality of life through natural healthcare.

To do this we have a range of holistic therapists which practice in different areas of natural health. We can offer a complete care system that will allow you to begin your journey towards optimum health and well being.

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Our practitioners were carefully selected to be able to address the human body from the 4 vectors of health; Structural, Chemical, Mental, and Electromagnetic.

Brisbane Wellness Centre for Natural Therapies


Our team includes a qualified Brisbane chiropractor who is passionate about spinal health. However, chiropractic care is more than just a spinal adjustment..


Our acupuncture clinic provides gentle acupuncture treatments so you will feel more positive and balanced. Acupuncture has been recognised by the world healthcare organisation as being a legitimate and effective form of health care.

Health and Healing Wellness Centre offers total holistic healthcare solutions. From our Chiropractors to our qualified Naturopaths, we have the experience to provide you with the natural healthcare you are looking for.


Our naturopaths prevent, assess and treat conditions of the human mind and body. The “healing powers of nature” are the foundations for Naturopathy. By using Naturopathic Treatments the body can heal its self and recover from illness.

Remedial Massage

Massage does a lot more than just relax your body. It can aid in pain relief, flush out toxins, improve circulation, soothe cramping and even help you feel revitalised.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years. It incorporates Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, exercise therapy, food therapy and massage.

Western Herbal Medicine

Western Herbal Medicine, sometimes known as alternative medicine, involves the use of plants and natural plant extracts to create an alternative medicine, to help prevent and treat a variety of illnesses.

Body Treatments

The Health and Healing Wellness Centre offers a range of body treatments to combat cellulite, target problem fat and detox your body of chemicals and heavy toxins the natural way.