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Natural health practitioners use iridology as a tool to assist in the analysis of an individual's health. The study of the eye can uncover current imbalances or issues, as well as potential health problems.

Our naturopaths utilise iridology as well as other natural diagnostic techniques to create a healthy living and nutrition plan to optimise your wellbeing. Uncover what is really going on with your body. Our natural health practitioners use iridology to create a healthy living and nutrition plan to optimise your wellbeing.

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What is Iridology?

Since being discovered in the 1800s, iridology has developed into a scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye which locates areas and stages of inflammation throughout the body. The iris is the portion of the eye showing colour. It reveals body constitution, inherent strengths and weaknesses, health levels, and transitions that take place in a person's body according to their way of life. When called upon, iridology is a useful tool to help view disease patterns in your body.

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Eyes are formed from the same tissues as the brain. The eyes are connected to the organs and nervous system. Whoever said, eyes are the windows to the soul was spot on..only in this case, they are the windows to your health. Eyes can let the specialists see a part of the brain! When an iridologist uses the ophthalmoscope, they can see the retina ( innermost layer in the eye) and optic nerve. Your iridologist will be able to see if there is any change or swelling in the optic nerve. Any neurological problems can be checked by analysing the eyes.

Iridology can uncover issues with the:

  • heart
  • lungs
  • liver
  • kidneys
  • brain
  • digestive system
  • nervous system
  • lymphatic system
  • reproductive system

It is a diagnostic technique and can be used to identify and detect a health problem in the initial stages. Eye diseases like Cataracts, Glaucoma can be detected by iridology as well the state of your health like vitamin deficiencies, lymphatic blockages, blood sugar imbalance.

What will happen in your Iridology appointment?

Your iridologist will examine your eyes with a lamp, penlight and magnifying glass. They generally observe the colour of the iris, brightness, trabecular fibers and rings or shadings in sclera (white part of the eye). A specialised camera or an ophthalmoscope will be used to take photographs of the iris. The iridologist will gather information from the patterns in the iris and recommend a treatment plan. The treatment plan may combine a variety of things like herbal medicines, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. In the subsequent appointments, your iridologist will check the eyes and note down the measurements to track the changes in case of an illness.

Is Iridology safe?

This is a non-invasive and safe procedure. Your iridologist will show you the pictures of the iris on the monitor.

Just like your fingerprints, your iris is unique. No two irises are the same. The structure of the iris can reflect your health and help you take care of yourself better. Improve your health with iridology. Book a consultation today.

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