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Experiencing Back Pain? Had a Back Injury?

Then you'll be looking for the best chiropractor services Brisbane and now you've found us at the Health & Healing Wellness Centre!

If you're suffering from chronic back and neck pain or from recurring back injuries, our experienced chiropractor specialists are here to alleviate your pain symptoms and treat the cause of your pain.

Our chiropractors provide a holistic treatment of the musculoskeletal system, which encompasses all of your muscles and joints and your body alignment. Our chiropractors will assess your posture and restricted motion and flexibility to help you identify the root cause of your back pain. We are experienced in helping people suffering from chronic back pain and poor posture and physical and emotional trauma.

Our goal is to correct the imbalances caused by injury, ageing, and disease to restore your body to its optimal functioning. At Health & Healing Wellness Centre, you can depend on us to help alleviate your pain and get you back to a happy, healthy, pain free lifestyle.

With experienced Health & Healing Wellness Centre Brisbane chiropractors, you can be sure of getting an individualised assessment so they can provide you with proper treatment and resilience against future problems. So don't suffer in silence, contact us today!

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What is a chiropractor?

According to healthdirect, an Australian Government-funded service, a chiropractor is a registered health practitioner who treats the musculoskeletal system, otherwise known as the muscles and joints in the human body.

chiropractor holding each side of persons neck to check alignment during chiropractic treatment

What does a chiropractor do?

There is a common misconception that chiropractors only use spinal manipulation to help patients, however this is not the case at all. Chiropractors use a multi-modal model of care, with the Australian Chiropractors Association stating that a therapeutic approach to care that incorporates a range of manual therapies which may include spinal adjustment, but also includes mobilisation, muscle and soft tissue techniques is generally used.

One of the main interests of a chiropractor is a well-functioning nervous system, as the central nervous system is the control system of the body which coordinates and controls every organ, tissue, gland and cell. The spinal cord and the nerve roots that exist between and around each spinal bone are the most easily damaged by stress or trauma. An improper motion of spinal bones can cause nerve irritation from stretching, rubbing, and pinching of the nerve's tissue. This is why a chiropractor works primarily with the spine, to remove interference that may be causing pain or impairing normal health.

Can a chiropractor fix posture?

Yes, absolutely! A chiropractor can assist with correcting posture and identifying the underlying causes that may have been exacerbating the issue.

Our chiropractors will help develop an individual treatment plan to target your symptoms, which may include manipulation of the spine, remedial massage to help muscle relaxation, stretches and exercises to strengthen weaker muscles.

It is never too late to start correcting your posture, so if you have rounded shoulders or a hunched stance, booking a visit with our chiropractors can help set you on the right path for improved posture and overall well being.

What exactly does a chiropractic adjustment do?

A well-performed chiropractic adjustment by an experienced chiropractor can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

A chiropractic adjustment is a type of spinal manipulation which involves a short, quick force being applied to the joints. This helps to increase the body's range of motion and release any pressure being applied to aggravate nerves.

Chiropractic adjustment can help to reduce discomfort, improve movement and even make it easier to perform daily activities. At the Health & Healing Wellness Centre we provide professional and safe chiropractic adjustments to help improve your quality of life.

Chiropractor Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding hand to lower back where she is in pain

Chiropractor treatment is a safe and effective way to manage the pain and other symptoms associated with pregnancy. Visiting one of our chiropractor during pregnancy can help realign your body and manage pain in your back, hips and other joints. By helping you to keep the body appropriately balanced, it can even reduce nausea for some pregnant women.

As well as helping with the more physical symptoms, a chiropractor can help to correct pelvic balance, making labour and delivery easier. However, we always ensure that our specialist pregnancy chiropractor will be the one to perform your treatment.

We understand that you and your baby’s health is of utmost importance, so don’t hesitate to call us now if you need advice on how chiropractic treatment techniques can help you during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Services We Provide

People often go to a chiropractor for help in relation to pain caused by an accident, injuries at work, poor posture or sports injuries, but it is not only back pain that can be eased by a chiropractor.

For more information, see conditions we treat to find out how our chiropractic treatments and other therapies can help your health issues, including:

How often should you attend a chiropractor?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone is different. Factors such as the severity of your symptoms, as well as the circumstances surrounding your symptoms, can have an impact on how often you are required to attend your chiropractor.

At Health and Healing Wellness Centre, you can discuss your condition with our chiropractor and create a plan suited specifically to you and your needs, as one size does not fit all and we understand this.

Why choose us as your Chiropractors Brisbane?

The Health & Healing Wellness Centre is one of the largest holistic health clinics in Brisbane, offering chiropractic clients a range of benefits including:

  • We are a group of experienced professionals who care about our clients
  • If you're in pain or discomfort, we will take every measure to ensure the maximum level of comfort throughout your time in the practice
  • Our chiropractor is registered with AHPRA
  • We are committed to holistic health for every client who attends our practice
  • We focus on gentle adjustments to relieve pain and/or problems and listen to our clients and their needs
  • We truly believe in our craft and its place in a enjoyable and healthy life

And this is just the beginning - get in contact with us and we would be happy to discuss how our chiropractic care may be able to assist you.

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For expert chiropractic treatment from our qualified and experienced chiropractors, or if you would like more information on the chiropractor treatments that we provide, call our friendly team at the Health & Healing Brisbane clinic on 07 3857 8887 or complete our online enquiry form today.

Our Chiropractic Therapists

Dr Luke Fairbrother

Chiropractic, Holistic Sports Medicine

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Chiropractic Board of Australia

Luke utilises a variety of techniques at his Brisbane Chiropractor clinic including both firmer and very gentle approaches depending on the patient and their condition.

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