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Our clinic is located in Wooloowin, only few minutes away from Brisbane. We have been treating patients from all over North Brisbane including Brisbane since 1992. Our chiropractor's practitioner focus is in the detection, correction, and prevention of muscle and joint problems for the whole body, relieving pain and improving health.

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Why consult our chiropractor?

People often seek a chiropractor's help for pain caused by an accident, injuries at work, poor posture, or sports injuries, but it is not only back pain that can be eased by a chiropractor. For more information, see conditions we treat to find out how our chiropractor treatments and other therapies can help your health issues.

How can Chiropractics help me?

Our chiropractors will thoroughly assess your spine to identify any areas of concern and recommend a natural treatment plan involving gentle manipulation. Our chiropractors can treat a wide range of conditions. Some of the specific conditions we have great success in treating are:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Headaches


How will I feel after visiting a chiropractor?
It depends on the treatment. Many people feel stiff after the first treatment as the body begins to readjust and realign. This is expected to last only 24 to 36 hours. Speak to the chiropractor or your health professional if you're feeling discomfort after a visit.
What type of education do your Brisbane Chiropractors have?
Chiropractors are required to attend an accredited 5-year training program that is conducted at a University in Australia. They must adhere to Australia's strict educational requirements and standards to become a registered healthcare professional.
How long will I need to go to the chiropractor for?
Each person has different requirements. The team at our Brisbane Chiropractor clinic can custom design a schedule suited to your problem and get you back on the road to recovery. If your spinal problems have been neglected from an early age then ongoing chiropractic treatment may be required. If ...

For more in depth chiropractic information visit our Chiropractic Information page

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Greg is incredible in all that he does and his holistic approach and individualised sessions have improved my ailments and my life on multiple occasions. To say he is an amazing acupuncturist doesn’t do him justice, as he is so much more than this.
Patrice gusset

Our Chiropractic Team

Dr Luke Fairbrother

Chiropractic, Holistic Sports Medicine

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Chiropractic Board of Australia

Luke utilises a variety of techniques at his Brisbane Chiropractor clinic including both firmer and very gentle approaches depending on the patient and their condition.

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