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Dairy, gluten, dust, nuts, and more

An allergy is an abnormally heightened sensitivity to a substance (allergen) that is brought into contact with the body. Allergens contact the body either by ingestion in the intestine, the lungs or absorption through the skin. 

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Common allergies

There is such an incredible number of allergens that they are almost unlimited, they may be drug induced, from pollen and moulds, animal fur, dandruff, bacteria, foods, smoke and pollution and the list goes on; and in some people, allergic reactions occur continuously. Some common allergies we see often:

  • milk or dairy
  • nut- including peanuts
  • egg
  • fruit - strawberries
  • yeast
  • dust, pollution
  • pollen
  • gluten- wheat, barley and oats
  • latex
  • shellfish

Allergy test

Quite often people have specific allergies that they are not aware of which can cause ongoing health ailments.

The first step in discovering if you have an allergy is to carry out a series of tests that determine if you are allergic to a substance and what that substance is. Specific treatment can then be prescribed by our experienced team to remove the symptoms you are experiencing and improve your health naturally.

Testing will be carried out by our natural health practitioners. The test could involve a blood test, urine sample or saliva depending on the individual analysis.

Get a definitive result

If you have allergies or suffer from other health issues then carrying out allergy testing could provide the answers and lead to targeted treatment or diet changes to relieve symptoms. An allergy test could provide the missing link towards optimal health and well being.

Find out why you are experiencing negative reactions with an allergy test from Health and Healing Wellness Centre.

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