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Urine tests or Combur 9 tests

Combur 9 or Combur 10 tests are most suitable for rapid screening of diseases of the kidney and the urogenital tract, carbohydrate metabolism disorders (inter alia diabetes mellitus) and liver diseases and hemolytic disorders.

Early recognition of diseases like urinary tract infections or diabetes enables the physician to start treatment early in order to prevent or delay serious complications.

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Combur Testing for kidneys and liver

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Will a Combur 9 test hurt?

No, our Combur 9 tests do not hurt. A Combur test involves a urine sample that is tested with a strip. All that we require for Combur 9 tests is a fresh urine sample.

Are Combur test results reliable?

Yes, Combur 9 test give a reliable diagnosis. Every minute pathological changes in the urine cause distinct colour changes in the test fields. This makes urine testing with Combur-Testing strips the first step on the way to a reliable diagnosis in both clinics and practices.

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High sensitivity - Thanks to the low detection limit of Combur-Testing strips even slight pathological changes in the urine are made visible especially to a practitioner.

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