Acupuncture for Fatigue

Treat your fatigue with natural medicine

Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, headaches, sleep difficulties associated with fatigue. Acupuncture , used for fatigue or Chronic Fatigue treatment, was found, through observational trials by the British Acupuncture Council, to have positive results. Research into the treatment for fatigue and chronic fatigue have found:

  • 50-80% of fatigue cases are mainly due to psychological factors
  • Left untreated, 50% of people who present to their health care provider with fatigue with still be experiencing it 6 months later;
  • Drug abuse, poor diet, and lack of physical exercise increase symptoms of fatigue.

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Understanding general fatigue and chronic fatigue symptoms

People experiencing fatigue may feel tired, lethargic, sleepy, or just lacking in energy. Fatigue (physical fatigue or mental fatigue) can be a normal response to physical exertion or emotional stress. Normal fatigue may begin to become abnormal if it becomes chronic or continues for a prolonged period of time. More long-term and severe symptoms of fatigue are often referred to as Prolonged fatigue or Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and may occur with other symptoms such as recurrent sore throats, muscle pain, multi-joint pain, tender lymph nodes, new patterns of headaches, and complaints of impaired memory or concentration.

It's important to consult your health care professional as many other medical conditions, often treatable, have abnormal fatigue (severe fatigue) symptoms similar to those presented with chronic fatigue (eg fibromyalgia, chronic mononucleosis, hypothyroidism, obesity, sleep apnea and depression). How much CFS affects a person's functional capacity and well-being varies greatly, despite a common diagnosis. The severity of symptoms and strength of disabling effects may allow some to lead relatively normal lives, while others are bedridden.

How does it help?

Our Acupuncturists are chronic fatigue experts, who take a holistic approach to health management. Treatment will be customised for each patient depending on their unique treatment need. The purpose of acupuncture as a treatment for fatigue is to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal and to promote physical and emotional well-being. During an acupuncture treatment, our practitioner will stimulate nerves in your muscles and other tissues focusing on the meridians (energy channels) around the kidney, liver, lungs and spleen.

Acupuncture has been shown to have a positive impact on reduction in severity and number of symptoms (insomnia, muscle and joint pain, lack of energy). It does this in several ways:

  • Typically a painless and relaxing therapy
  • Promotes blood flow in areas where circulation is poor
  • Reduce blood flow in areas that are affecting the different fatigue symptoms
  • Help to relieve muscle tension and general pain management
  • Reduce overall stress and anxiety

You should feel some relief after the first session and after one week at most.

Research suggests that acupuncture is a very effective for the treatment for fatigue. Studies found 3/4 of patients with chronic fatigue were relieved of symptoms after the qi energy flow was corrected between their liver and spleen with the use of acupuncture.

For more information about the benefits of acupuncture as a treatment for fatigue download the factsheet.

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