Herbal medicine for headaches

Using Chinese herbs for headaches

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners can help you improve your quality of life by reducing the frequency and severity of your headaches. Using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) headaches must first be diagnosed in accordance with the principles of Chinese medicine in order to determine the most effective treatment.

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According to TCM, headaches are either deficiency related resulting from a diminished flow of Qi and blood in the head, poor flow is experienced as pain, or excess related, caused by an oversupply of Qi in the upper body.

This oversupply is usually due to 'heat rising' in the body. Events that provoke heat in the body, such as anger, frustration, stress or ingesting alcohol or spicy foods can increase the effect of these types of headaches.

The treatments used aim to adjust and harmonise the Yin and Yang - cold and hot, wet and dry, inner and outer, body and mind. The duration of the TCM headache treatment, which can incorporate acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet, exercise, and massage, will depend on the cause of a headache, as well as its severity and longevity.

How do Chinese herbs work as a headache treatment?

Traditional Chinese herbs provide a natural headache cure or a relief from pain and assist your body's natural healing to help regain good health.

There are many different Chinese herbs to use for headache and migraine treatment and herb prescription is determined by how the headache patterns occur in each individual patient. Each pattern is described in terms of the type of pain experienced, general body conditions, appearance of the patient's tongue, and palpitation of the patient's pulse. A headache may be the result of internal effects, such as blood deficiency or kidney deficiency, or by external effects, such as chemicals or weather.

Where conventional medical treatments focus on the symptomatic use of analgesics, traditional Chinese medicine looks at the body through a complete, holistic system of diagnosis, treatment, and illness prevention based on a knowledge accumulated through clinical observation and treatment of more than 20 centuries.

These practices are commonly used in preference to or in conjunction with western medical care throughout China and East Asia, however, in the western world, it is still considered an alternative medicine and therefore generally not supported by modern evidence-based medicine. Chinese medicine now accounts for 3.2% of the total use of complementary medicines in Australia.

Chinese herbal medicine provides a safe, drug-free treatment for headaches which is stable over time and has no adverse side effects.

Natural Therapies

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  • Specific Tests

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