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Looking for a natural approach to your health issues? Our naturopath Tina White can help. Through Tina’s 30 years as a naturopath, she has supported and treated patients through a range of health conditions from fertility problems to insomnia, and so much more. Our natural health clinic offers a range of natural therapies to help maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, book a consultation with our Brisbane Northside naturopath today.

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What does a naturopath do?

A naturopath uses a variety of therapies and natural healthcare methods to treat your health issues and support your body to achieve a well functioning, healthier, more balanced you.

Your Brisbane north naturopath may use naturopathic treatments such as:

What can a naturopath help with?

Your naturopath aims to take an overview of your health, lifestyle, and dietary habits as well as many other factors to provide tailored advice and recommendations to help your body function effectively and at its best. Your health care plan is completely customised to support you and your body to achieve the most effective results in the short and long term.

Your naturopath will provide you with:

  • Advice on the best nutrition to help your body manage your health issues
  • Lifestyle change recommendations
  • Exercise advice
  • Strategies to reduce or manage stress
  • Immune system support practices

Naturopathy treatments can help with issues such as:

  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Pain management
  • Mental health
  • Natural pregnancy care
  • Sleep issues
  • Menopause, PMS, and hormonal balance issues
  • Fertility
  • Fatigue, low energy, and ongoing tiredness
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Gut health and digestive problems
  • Diabetes
  • Food intolerances
  • Skin conditions
  • Ageing

Tina White Brisbane north naturopath

With the help of a range of state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, Tina uses her insight as a natural healer and the latest techniques including; biomesotherapy (a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture) for treating acute and chronic health issues as well as addressing anti-ageing and beauty concerns. We are all inescapably exposed to a variety of toxins in our modern day environment and Tina leads patients to awareness about their food and water choices crucial to good health.

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Struggling with health issues or just not managing life? Find a better way with the help of naturopath Tina White. Book a consult at our Brisbane northside natural health clinic by calling 07 3857 8887 or complete our quick online naturopath booking request form today.

Our Naturopathy Team

Tina White

Anti-Ageing, Acupuncture, Biomesotherapy, Energetic Facial Release, Fertility & Pregnancy Care, Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine

Tina has over 30 year’s clinical practice in natural therapies. As a practitioner in naturopathy and acupuncture, Tina has remarkable insight coupled with a caring nature and is a beacon of hope for those she cares for.

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