Lymphatic Massage for Edema

Manual lymphatic drainage massage Brisbane

Lymphatic drainage massage activates the lymph system helping the body effectively remove fluid and waste from around the body and help fight infection. Edema can be caused by damaged lymph nodes or sluggish lymphatic system, called lymphatic edema or high protein edema. Oedema benefits from lymphatic drainage massage by stimulating the body's lymph flow.

Gentle oedema massage

Treat oedema naturally with the help of our experienced massage therapists.

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

  • gently reduce edema
  • increase immune function
  • remove toxins from tissues
  • increase energy
  • kickstart a sluggish immune system
  • speed sports injury recovery and prevent edema
  • detoxification.

What is manual lymph drainage?

Manual lymph drainage is a form of very gentle massage which encourages the lymph flow in the body. The lymph system carries nutrients to the cells and removes waste, extra fluids, viruses, toxins and bacteria. Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for sufferers of edema as it gently helps the body remove fluid retention from around the tissues.

Treat edema with lymphatic massage

Our team of experienced Brisbane massage therapists are skilled in providing soothing lymphatic massage for the elimination of fluid retention and edema.

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Our Remedial massage Therapists

Zoe Buchanan

Endermologie,Lipomassage,Remedial Massage,Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation

Zoe is a registered Remedial Therapist and is also trained in Endermologie and Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation. She has practiced in Brisbane and Gold Coast for over 10 years.
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Ellie Sargeant

Fertility & Pregnancy Care,Lipomassage,Pain Management,Remedial Massage, Endermologie

Ellie is a registered Remedial Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist and member of massage association ANTA.

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Amie Donlan

Fertility & Pregnancy Care,Remedial Massage,Shiatsu,Endermologie

Amie is a registered Remedial Therapist and member of Massage Association ANTA. Offering Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and more.

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