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Care for your body during the amazing, and often very tiring, prenatal time with a pregnancy massage from our experienced prenatal massage therapists in our Brisbane northside natural health clinic. We provide a safe, supportive environment where both the mother and baby are taken care of throughout the massage . Our massage therapists will customise your massage to suit your treatment needs as well as your stage of pregnancy.

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During pregnancy women's bodies go through enormous physical changes. The miracle of creating new life places demands on all areas of your body as well as your mind. Muscles and ligaments throughout the body are put under ever increasing pressure often causing pain, tension, and discomfort.

Every woman has a unique pregnancy experience which is why we work closely with patients to understand areas of concern to ensure we fully cater for your specific requirements. Patients often feel tension in areas such as the hips and pelvis as well as the back and neck our massage therapists can gently target individual areas to provide pain relief.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

  • Reduce swelling and water retention
  • Sooth joint pain
  • Relieve backaches and headaches
  • Encourage effective circulation
  • Ease nerve pain and muscle spasms
  • Gently stimulate the lymph system
  • Reduce stress and assist quality sleep
  • Alleviate painful and swollen legs and feet
  • Calm Sciatic Nerve pain
  • Reduce strain on weight-bearing joints
  • Works to calms the nervous system
  • Helps to maintain good posture

A soothing pregnancy massage provides a whole hour (or more) that you don’t need to be anywhere else, do anything for anyone else, or meet other expectations. 100% ‘me’ time.

Having regular massages throughout your pregnancy can help support your body during the varied changes and demands of each trimester.

Pregnancy massage utilised medium to firm pressure with particular caution used around the lower back, gluteal, and abdomen region.

Our natural health practitioners also offer a range of pregnancy care therapies from acupuncture to traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy to help support women through the prenatal period.

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