Natural Lymphoedema Treatment Brisbane

If left untreated, lymphoedema can progress to involve complications such as infection, loss of function and poor quality of life. Early intervention and holistic management practices can reduce the severity of symptoms. At the Health Healing and Wellness Centre, we offer a lymphoedema management through naturopathy, acupuncture, massage and TCM practices.

Manage lymphoedema with our natural health team. We have many speciality areas which offer complete and holistic healthcare solutions to provide a safe, supportive and natural lymphoedema treatment.

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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is the accumulation of excessive amounts of protein rich fluid resulting in swelling of one or more areas of the body. This can occur when the lymphatic vessels or nodes are damaged or not formed correctly.

Lymphoedema causes

Lymphoedema can be caused by many factors such as:

  • after surgery,
  • some cancer treatments,
  • following radiotherapy,
  • infection,
  • trauma
  • obesity
  • parasites
  • immobility

Lymphoedema symptoms

Symptoms can include the following:

  • swelling
  • aching
  • heaviness
  • stiffness
  • limited movement
  • tight feeling in the skin
  • increased temperature in the affected area
  • pain

Lymphoedema Management

Our natural health team will support your lymphoedema management and cater a treatment plan which improves your symptoms and increases your quality of life. Early intervention and treatment can prevent lymphoedema from progressing or your symptoms worsening.

Acupuncture for Lymphoedema

Acupuncture has shown positive results in trials of breast cancer patients to treat lymphoedema. The acupuncture was shown to have reduced the swelling in the upper arm of most of the trial participants. Our experienced acupuncturists can provide lymphoedema treatment at our Brisbane clinic.

Our natural health practitioners will provide a caring, positive environment to manage your lymphoedema naturally.

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Specific Therapists

Greg Bantick
Acupuncture,Fertility & Pregnancy Care,Pain Management,Remedial Massage,Stress Management,Traditional Chinese Medicine,Womens Health

Greg Bantick has been in practice since 1975 in a wide variety of clinical settings. He has particular interests in dermatology, digestive, mood and auto-immune disorders. He is registered as a Chinese herbalist, pharmacist and acupuncturist with AHPRA CMR0001733690.

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Tina White
Anti-Ageing,Acupuncture,Biomesotherapy,Energetic Facial Release,Fertility & Pregnancy Care,Iridology,Naturopathy,Nutritional Medicine

Tina has over 30 year’s clinical practice in natural therapies. As a practitioner in naturopathy and acupuncture, Tina has remarkable insight coupled with a caring nature and is a beacon of hope for those she cares for.

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Zoe Buchanan
Endermologie,Lipomassage,Remedial Massage,Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation

Zoe is a registered Remedial Therapist and is also trained in Endermologie and Ultrasound Lipo-Cavitation. She has practiced in Brisbane and Gold Coast for over 10 years.

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