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Dealing with anxiety naturally

Anxiety is similar to the feeling of ‘worry’ which normally arises during times of stress or a situation that is scary or risky. Mild anxiety is commonly experienced when faced with circumstances like a job interview or public speaking, and it is our body’s reaction to a situation where we need to be more alert and may need to think or act quickly. Anxiety becomes an overwhelming problem when it happens often and when it shouldn’t when it is very intense and starts to interfere with everyday life.

Our natural health practitioners can help you with anxiety. The Health and Healing Wellness Centre offer a range of therapies, including naturopathy, to assist you with anxiety. If you are looking for some help and support contact our team today.

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Symptoms of anxiety:

  • Physical symptoms - increased heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension, sweating, shaking and 'butterflies in the stomach'.
  • Persistent worrying, extreme and unnecessary fear, being unable to relax;
  • Avoiding challenging or social situations, social isolation or withdrawal from family;
  • Difficulty remembering things, concentrating and paying attention;
  • Poor sleep quality or insomnia;
  • Consistent problems with work, social or family life.

Types of anxiety disorders:

Anxiety problems are classified into different types, referred to as disorders. Here are descriptions of some common anxiety disorders:

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder - excessive worrying about everyday things that wouldn't usually bother others, or anxiety symptoms without specific concerns. It is hard to relax because the worries seem out of your control and you feel tense and nervous most of the time.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder - experiencing intense anxiety about being judged or embarrassing yourself in social situations, leading to avoidance of social situations, situations where you may be the centre of attention, and meeting new people.
  • Panic disorder - suffering repeated panic attacks and worrying about future panic attacks.
  • Specific phobias - an intense fear of a particular situation or object that leads you to avoid the situation or object.

What are panic attacks?

Panic attacks can occur as part of an anxiety disorder, but not everyone with anxiety will experience them. Panic attacks are when you are suddenly overcome by strong fear and experience physical symptoms of anxiety, like a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, shaking, dizziness or nausea.

Panic attacks are short (about 10 minutes) and usually feel frightening and intense. Someone having a panic attack might feel like they're having a heart attack or an asthma attack, or they might fear they're losing control.

Other potential contributors:

Many people with anxiety issues may also have symptoms of depression. Some people with anxiety may also rely on substances like alcohol or drugs to ease the symptoms or make them feel more confident.

How can holistic health help my anxiety?

Our natural health team can help with all forms of anxiety by giving support, identifying underlying factors, providing anxiety management skills and guidance about practising relaxation techniques and coping with stressful situations.

Specific Therapists

Greg Bantick
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Fertility & Pregnancy Care, Pain Management, Remedial Massage, Stress Management, Women's Health

Greg Bantick has been in practice since 1975 in a wide variety of clinical settings. He has particular interests in dermatology, digestive, mood and auto-immune disorders. He is registered as a Chinese herbalist, pharmacist and acupuncturist with AHPRA CMR0001733690.

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Tina White
Anti-Ageing, Acupuncture, Biomesotherapy, Energetic Facial Release, Fertility & Pregnancy Care, Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine

Tina has over 30 year’s clinical practice in natural therapies. As a practitioner in naturopathy and acupuncture, Tina has remarkable insight coupled with a caring nature and is a beacon of hope for those she cares for.

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