Natural Detox

Natural Detox

Published: March 29, 2012 Last Updated: January 21, 2024

Saunas are a great way to get the body's internal mechanisms moving. A 30 minute sauna creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 10 kilometre run. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to boost circulation, thus improving your cardiovascular system. Your immune system is also strengthened because when your body temperature is raised, your systems fight this "artificial fever". Sweating helps detoxify your body, by removing the accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium and cholesterol. Profuse perspiration also deeply cleanses the skin, creating beautiful and improved tone, texture, and colour.

Our Detox Box is also exceptional for burning calories, controlling weight, and removing cellulite. A single sauna session will burn as many calories as you would rowing for 30 minutes. Weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water-soluble at 43 degrees and the body can sweat it out. The most immediate effect you'll notice to your health is immense relaxation. Read, listen to music or meditate in the comfortable warmth while stress melts away leaving behind a feeling of total rejuvenation.

Detox Recipies

Detox Salads

Avocado and Tomato Salad With Shallots

(serves 1) - You can add mozzarella cheese to this recipe if you wish (if allowed), for a classic Italian Tricolore salad.


1 large shallot or 2 smaller ones, peeled and finely chopped
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
3 medium tomatoes, sliced
1 ripe avocado
olive oil
sea salt and black pepper

Put the finely chopped shallot in a small bowl or container, such as an egg cup, with balsamic vinegar while you prepare the salad.

Arrange the sliced tomatoes on one side of a plate. Cut the avocado into halves and remove the stone; cut through the flesh to the skin but not through the skin itself. Starting at the pointed end, peel the skin away with your fingers; if the avocado is ripe enough, this should be easy. Arrange the avocado slices on the other half of the plate.

Carefully, using a teaspoon, arrange the chopped shallot in a fine line between the two halves, leaving any excess vinegar behind. Drizzle olive oil over the salad, grind some black pepper over everything and put a little salt on the tomatoes. Serve immediately.

Warm Asparagus and Courgette Salad

(serves 1) Asparagus is high in glutathione, which helps your liver to function effectively while courgettes are a good source of potassium, betacarotene and vitamin C.


6-10 hazelnuts
250g (8oz) bunch of asparagus
1 large handful of salad leaves
1/2 large courgette
salt and black pepper
For the Dressing:
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp clear honey
juice of 1/2 small lemon
1 tsp olive oil

Chop the hazelnuts and then dry-roast them in a non-stick pan; when they start to smell toasted, remove the pan from the heat. Fill a large pan with water and put it on to boil.

Trim the woody ends from the asparagus and then discard them (they can go toward vegetable stock if you wish). Cut the remaining stems halfway along and put the thicker, lower halves into the boiling water for 3 minutes. Now add the rest of the asparagus to the pan of boiling water and cook for 2 minutes.

Make the dressing:

Whisk the mustard, honey, lemon juice and olive oil together until smooth. Arrange the salad leaves on a plate.

Meanwhile, make long strips of courgette with a potato peeler; discard any which are entirely peel, and also get rid of the rather seedy core. Add the strips to the asparagus and cook for a further minute.

Drain and allow to cool briefly until the asparagus can be handled, and then arrange both the asparagus pieces and the courgette strips on top of the salad leaves. Whisk the dressing once more and drizzle it over everything, season with salt and black pepper and scatter the hazelnuts on top. Serve immediately.

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