Emotional Eating - Weight Gain

Emotional Eating - Weight Gain

Published: January 12, 2010 Last Updated: February 23, 2022

Most diet programs, while stressing how they will reshape your figure, completely ignore the damage they can cause to the body's sensitive metabolism. Making sure that the body is adequately nourished while dieting is very important. For example, by including amino acids into your program, they will assist your body to work more efficiently to metabolise fat and improve muscle tone, whilst supporting you to lose weight.

Amino acids are the body's essential building blocks that will guard you against malnutrition and energy loss.

Unhelpful eating habits

For many of us, we have developed the habit of eating to help us to relax, pass the time or eat food as a psychological crutch to cope with emotions such as anxiety, ultimately resulting in weight gain.

Why do we eat when we're stressed

Anxiety is a sign that your body is reacting to a situation by firing a stress response. In these situations, you may find yourself eating a snack in an unconscious attempt to relieve the physical sensations of anxiety. As you chew, and as food passes down into your stomach, digestive enzymes are secreted, blood is pumped away from the heavy muscles and brainwave activity slows.

This compulsion to eat when you don't really want to - out of habit or in response to anxiety, rather than hunger, can be managed by including an amino acid formula that has been formulated by your healthcare practitioner to help you relieve the anxiety and tension that leads you to eat with unwanted consequences of weight gain.

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