Curbing Your Appetite: An in-depth look

Curbing Your Appetite: An in-depth look

Published: January 12, 2010 Last Updated: March 21, 2016

The parent molecule of three different metabolic pathways, which affect your weight, is an amino acid called phenylalanine.

This amino acid triggers the release in your stomach of a substance called cholecystokinin (CCK), which is like a hormonal dipstick. As far as appetite is concerned, low levels of CCK is your stomach relays a message to the brain, telling you that your body needs food, and that's when you experience those familiar hunger pangs.

Controlling your appetite

Also, within half an hour of consuming a large meal, your CCK levels in your stomach have risen by around fifty percent, telling your brain that your body has eaten enough and you are physically full.

Your first choice to curb your appetite involves taking a prescribed amount of phenylalanine (we would first need to ensure your body has no intolerance to it), which includes CCK release, a perfect way to help cut down on the amount of food you eat.

Taken last thing at night, many people find that it helps them avoid nutritionally worthless midmorning and midafternoon snacks. They also find themselves choosing smaller helpings at mealtimes. Phenylalanine is effective because it makes you feel physically full.

Reduce your desire to eat

The second appetite-curbing pathway involves phenylalanine's conversion to noradrenalin. this neurotransmitter has been used to treat depression, elevate mood and reduce your desire to eat.

Stay at your ideal weight

The third benefit of phenylalanine to your weight reduction program comes from its role as the precursor of the amino acid tyrosine.

Staying slim is often harder than losing weight in the first place. Tyrosine helps your body to stay at its desired weight once you've reached it.

The role of the thyroid

Your thyroid is involved in controlling your body's metabolic rate, by secreting the hormone thyroxine, which dictates the growth of every cell in the body, as well as the amount of food to be burned as energy.

For any weight loss program, it would be advisable to have a thyroid function test (thyroflex) and urine iodine spot test. By getting your thyroid functioning properly, you burn fuel for energy and not store it as fat.

Please note - this article gives quite a technical look into the functions or your metabolism and gut - if you would like a simpler explanation then don't hesitate to ask your practitioner about it.

Managing your appetite

The experienced natural health team at Health and Healing Wellness Centre are on hand to help you overcome the enormous hurdle of controlling your appetite. Book a consult with our naturopath on 07 3857 8887 or complete the online appointment request today.

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