The Health and Healing Wellness centre can assist if you are in Clayfield and looking for a natural health clinic. Some of our customers from Clayfield use the following services to restore health and vitality.

Discover the ancient methods Chinese medicine with Clayfield Acupuncture

Our customers love the benefits they receive from our Clayfield Acupuncturists. Acupuncture has been used for centuries by the Chinese, Japanese and other Eastern countries. Our Clayfield Acupuncture services will restore your body’s natural energy flow. Chi (the flow of energy) is blocked when we become sick and therefore ensuring we unblock the meridians will stimulate the energy and blood flow, thus striking balance. Discover the benefits of Clayfield Acupuncture today.

Good health the natural way

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Our natural health clinic has many areas which offer complete healthcare solutions to allow you to begin your journey towards optimum health and well being.

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What is Clayfield Naturopathy?

Naturopathy seeks to use the whole body to heal its self. Our Clayfield naturopathy services offer a wide range of treatments. The role of our Clayfield naturopaths is to work with our customers to promote natural healing of the body. They can design a treatment path way to ensure you are on your way to better health. Discover how to strengthen you bodies own natural defences with a consultation with one of our Clayfield Naturopaths.

Looking for Clayfield Chiropractic services?

At the Health and Healing Wellness Centre we offer a range of Services including Clayfield Chiropractic care. Chiropractors can resolve a range of problems relating to pain, including neck, back, shoulders, knee and hips. Sports Injuries, Poor Posture, work injuries and pain caused by accidents can also be treated with the range of Clayfield Chiropractors.

The Health and Healing Wellness Centre is based locally and services the North Brisbane Area

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