Period Pain & PMS

Period Pain & PMS

Published: November 08, 2013 Last Updated: February 23, 2022

For many years period pain influenced and controlled my life in big ways. This is not only true for me, but for my sisters, my friends, and many of the women I have met through my Chinese Medicine practice. It can feel awkward or socially inappropriate to discuss our period problems, and we feel unsure about who we should talk to, so we’ve grown to accept, adapt, dose up on painkillers and move on.

Period Pain and PMS: What your body is trying to tell you

Monday, September 23, 2013
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The reality is that most women can relate to period pain, as well as an array of cyclical changes that can include irritability, depression, breast tenderness, energy dives, skin changes, fluid retention, bloating, cravings and migraines. As a society, we look at these as being normal parts of a woman’s cycle.

I would love for every woman to unlearn that right now. Right now.

The truth is that we are capable of creating mountains of positive change to set our cycles right. Some actions we can take ourselves, and others we can take by working in conjunction with a qualified practitioner.

Here are two simple things it can help to keep in mind about our periods, and, indeed, about our broader health.

Firstly, everybody’s body is different.

Some women will never have a day of period pain in their life. Others need assistance to get things back on track. Focus on what’s happening for you and find what works best for your body.

Symptoms are often our body’s way of trying to tell us something.

Chinese Medicine views a woman’s period as a reflection of the month that has just passed. It’s a brilliant feedback loop that provides us with an opportunity to listen to and learn from our bodies.

We can use our cycles to check in each month and see how we’re travelling – how we’re handling stress, how we’re eating, what we’re drinking and if we’re getting enough sleep. A particularly bad period offers an opportunity to consider what has changed in the month that has just passed. Think about diet. Think about stress levels. Think about alcohol intake. Something has upset your body’s natural balance.

Women who experience big symptoms every month often have an understanding that something ‘not quite right’ is going on. If this feels like you, it might be time to seek some gentle professional help to smooth things out and treat the root cause of what’s going on.

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