Headaches affect 1 in 7 Australians ~ How can Chiropractic Care help?

Headaches affect 1 in 7 Australians ~ How can Chiropractic Care help?

Published: November 16, 2011 Last Updated: November 27, 2017

Chiropractic care has been an effectively treating neck pain and headaches for almost a century. Headaches are the most common illnesses people experience, with many Australians suffering from chronic headaches.

Research continues to support that chiropractic spinal adjustment provides headache sufferers with almost instant relief for headaches that stem from the neck and lasting relief has been reported for up to four weeks after chiropractic treatment ceased (Duke University, 2001). Dr Peter Tuchin (Macquarie University), found that 60 percent of chronic migraine sufferers experienced significant improvement through chiropractic care.

How does chiropractic work?

In chiropractic theory, the spine is the key to a person's wellbeing. The nerves in the spine can be irritated and then the parts of the body serviced by that nerve, including blood vessels, internal organs, and limbs, might then be affected. By gently adjusting any misaligned vertebra and restoring normal movement within the spin, the irritation of the nerve may be reduced and balance is restored.

Treatment for headaches

Are you experiencing constant headaches? Our chiropractors treat neck pain and headache s, with in-depth knowledge of the back and central nervous system, they can be trusted to carry out your spinal adjustment. Contact our holistic health team on 3857 8887 or complete the online appointment request form today.

Source: Duke University Evidence 2001, “Evidence Report: Behavioral and Physical Treatments for Tension-type and Cervicogenic Headache”, Duke University Evidence-based Practice Center, Center for Clinical Health Policy Research

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