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Suggestions for mindful eating

Paying attention to your relationship to food is important for your health. Listening to your body and observing the activity of your mind in relationship to food can help you to make and maintain healthy changes in your diet. When we are on automatic pilot, we tend to act (in this case...
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Understanding Fats

Society has long been told that saturated fat, the type found in meat, butter and cheese, causes heart disease. Fat has a stigma, it’s now a dirty word, and these days many people have a fat phobia, making sure that it is removed as much as possible from the diet, or making sure that the Hear...


Saving Time In The Kitchen

As per our recent post, we have compiled some handy ideas in order to save time in the kitchen and still get all the nutrients you need by incorporating 5 serves of vegetables per day into your diet! Chop up fruit and vegetables as soon as you get them home from the shops – pack in Tupp...


Study: Eating Veggies Lengthens Life Span

Once again research has emerged which confirms the importance of consuming a high amount of fruit and vegetables each day. We all know we SHOULD be eating a certain amount of vegetables and fruits, BUT do we consistently manage to fit it into our diet? The World Health Organisation says th...


Boost your body with Naturopathy

You don't need to wait until you are feeling unwell or have an injury to consult a naturopath. Preventative treatments offered by your naturopath can maintain your healthy body. A naturopath can discover small symptoms in your system that have not yet become issues and treat them accordingly....
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Natural Detox

Sauna's are a great way to get the body's internal mechanism's moving. A 30 minute sauna creates approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 10 kilometre run. As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder to boost circulation, thus improving your cardi...
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Nutritional Study - Children - Initial Results

As parents, we work hard to give our children every possible advantage in life. Yet too often we don't have the time (or don't make the time) to look after their nutritional health. We're too busy. We don't completely understand what eating right means ourselves. And we're battling some prett...


Digestion - Stomach Acid

Digestion is a crucial part of the body’s metabolic equation. Suffering from poor digestion upsets this balance and causes your body more harm. You can eat a balanced diet, but unless the food is digested properly, you simply won’t be able to grow and repair. Many people suffer from low acid ...


Curbing Your Appetite: An in-depth look

The parent molecule of three different metabolic pathways, which affect your weight, is an amino acid called phenylalanine. This amino acid triggers the release in your stomach of a substance called cholecystokinin (CCK), which is like a hormonal dipstick. As far as appetite is concerned, low...


Emotional Eating - Weight Gain

Most diet programs, while stressing on how they will reshape your figure, completely ignore the damage they can cause to the body's sensitive metabolism. Making sure that the body is adequately nourished while dieting is very important. For example, by including amino acids into your program,...

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