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Mindfulness suggestions for work stress

If you are not working, but looking for work or studying, whatever your daily activities are you can modify these suggestions for your specific situation. Mindful morning When you wake up, take a few quiet moments to affirm you are choosing to go to work today. If you can, briefly review what you...
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Brand new evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture

Brand new evidence report on the effectiveness of acupuncture A recent study by the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) found evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture for 117 conditions with strong evidence of the effectiveness of 8 conditions including chronic...
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Greg Bantick’s tips for a healthy Holiday Season

It's the end of another year. For many of us, it has been a busy and eventful year. Outside our personal lives, there have been many dramatic world events that also influence us. Now comes a string of events, entertaining, cooking, cleaning, shopping, packing and more. It is a time of workpla...
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Igniting Your Spark

There may come a time in your life, and that time may be now, where the churning feeling in your stomach is relentless and your mind constantly wanders to alternate realities where life is more motivating, energetic, free and fulfilling. Perhaps your life is chugging along okay but you fantas...
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​Adult bullying: the indignity and its consequences

You’re 7 years old and you’re playing in the school playground. You’re effortlessly gliding over the monkey bars and you jump to the ground, filling the air with a cloud of dust and lodging shards of bark in your sneakers. Suddenly it’s your turn to be “it” so you close your eyes, count to te...
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The Exhaustion Epidemic

It’s getting to that time of the year again when the tank starts to run low. Christmas Carols in the supermarket send shivers down your spine when all you can think about is the To Do list to tick off before the end of December. Work is insane, in addition to the kids’ complicated schedules, ...
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Saving Time In The Kitchen

As per our recent post, we have compiled some handy ideas in order to save time in the kitchen and still get all the nutrients you need by incorporating 5 serves of vegetables per day into your diet! Chop up fruit and vegetables as soon as you get them home from the shops – pack in Tupp...


Depression and Acupuncture

Depression has become so widespread that antidepressants are now the most commonly prescribed class of medication in the U.S. Over the past 20 years, the percent of Americans taking antidepressants doubled. Currently, 1 in 10 Americans is taking one or more antidepressants. What is Depression...


Exploring Wellbeing through Chinese Medicine - Workshop

I think one of Chinese medicine's strengths is it teaches us how to use our own senses to better understand our health and needs. Following a conversation last week, I have just seen again a large gent who reported that he is noticing how certain foods make him more sleepy, bloated, pess...


Taxing Time for Immune Systems

Tax time, school holidays and changes in the weather can all lead to stress and reduced immune system function, leaving us susceptible to catching coughs, colds, flu and whatever else is ‘going around’. There is no quick fix for stress and lowered immune system function but as the old adage g...
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