The Health and Healing Wellness centre can assist if you are in Stafford and looking for a natural health clinic. Some of our customers from Stafford use the following services:

Discover the benefits of Stafford Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Our Stafford Acupuncturists can assist in restoring your body’s energy flow. When you have acupuncture it unblocks the energy flow which results in the stimulation of energy and helps to fight disease. If you are looking to try Acupuncture Stafford give the Health and Healing Wellness Centre a call to find out how they can treat your condition.

Looking to revitalise your mind, body & soul?

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Our natural health clinic has many areas which offer complete healthcare solutions to allow you to begin your journey towards optimum health and well being.

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Our Stafford chiropractor services

Our Stafford Chiropractor Services aim to keep your spine healthy. At the Health and Healing Wellness Centre we offer Stafford chiropractic services that specialise in the detection, prevention and correction of problems. They aim to relieve pain and restore health. If you would like a spinal check please book in for our chiropractor consultation.

The Health and Healing Wellness Centre is based locally and services the North Brisbane Area

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Feel revitalised with our Stafford Naturopathic Services

Many of our clients come to us to enjoy the benefits of Stafford Naturopathy. Our therapists offer a range of services including Diet Analysis, Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage and Iridology just to name a few. Our team of dedicated Stafford naturopaths are passionate about good health and use a range of natural, holistic therapies. Contact us to discuss the benefits of Stafford Naturopathy.

Did you know?? At the Health and Healing Wellness Centre our Therapists are able to cover the four vectors of health:





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