The Health and Healing Wellness centre can assist if you are in Ascot and looking for a natural health clinic. Some of our customers from Ascot use the following services:

Looking for an Ascot Acupuncturist to take those pains away?

Our Ascot Acupuncture Services can help your bring back your body’s energy flow making you feel better. In most cases people have acupuncture so it can resolve soreness however our Ascot acupuncturist are finding that is has a range of extra advantageous medicinal powers. Acupuncture can help with anything from arthritis to weight loss and even fertility. If you need Ascot Acupuncture contact the Health and Healing Wellness Centre to book a consultation.

Looking to revitalise your mind, body & soul?

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Our natural health clinic has many areas which offer complete healthcare solutions to allow you to begin your journey towards optimum health and well being.

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Our Ascot chiropractic services

Our Ascot chiropractor services are all about keeping your back fit and healthy. Your central nervous system is the control system of the entire body. Our team at the Health and Healing Wellness Centre offer Ascot Chiropractic services that focus on the detection, prevention and correction of back problems. They aim to relieve soreness and restore physical condition.

Live life healthier with our range of Ascot Naturopathic Services?

Many of our clients come to us to enjoy the benefits of Ascot Naturopathy. Our therapists offer a range of services including homeopathy, Nutrition, Massage and Hydrotherapy just to name a few. Our team of devoted naturopaths are passionate about good health and use a range of natural, holistic therapies.

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Our Mission Statement….To significantly enhance health, vitality and enjoyment of living by offering nurturing care and quality choices.

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